Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) based on MS2 bacteriophage
We offer custom as well as ready-to-use VLPs
VLPs have multiple applications e. g. positive controls for PCR, RNA vehicles, protein display, etc.
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  • We offer Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) based on the bacteriophage MS2
  • The particles are non-infections and carry no harm to human or bacteria
  • These particles harbor a stretch of RNA
  • The length of RNA can be up to 3200 bp – superior compared to any other offering on the market
  • We can clone multiple fragments for your positive controls of your PCR reactions, thereby creating a universal RNA positive control
  • Gene fragments or whole genes can be cloned into the VLPs
  • Each VLP is extremely stable – the RNA is not degraded even after several years of storage at 4C
  • Ask us for our off-the-shelf VLPs (e.g. HIV, MS2, InfA, InfB etc.)
  • We offer an extremely high level of purity – which allows us to precisely calculate a  number of particles per volume