PD4 “Poly Diagnostics® Extraction of RNA / DNA on Magnetic Beads”
Reagent Kit for the Isolation of Nucleic Acids
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The set of reagents is intended for isolation of RNA/DNA from clinical samples (throat swab, pharynx swab, nasal swab, respiratory tract secretions, scraping of epithelial cells). The kit can be used for automatic isolation of nucleic acids.

The method relies on a the specific capture of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) on a magnetic beads. Nucleic acid binding occurs in the presence of a lysis buffer, which destroys cells and virions and stimulates nucleic acid binding to magnetic particles. To purify the nucleic acid, magnetic particles with nucleic acid on their surface are washed with a washing buffer. The elution buffer allows the release of nucleic acid from the surface of the magnetic particles. The isolated nucleic acid can be used for PCR, sequencing, etc.

Compatible with systems for automatic isolation of RNA/DNA on KingFisher® Duo/Duo Primer, KingFisher® Flex, Auto-Pure 96, Auto-Pure 32, Nexor 96, etc.

100 reactions.